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About Reparts

Reparts is your partner for OEM-compatible endoscope repair parts and other fine-mechanical parts. We engineer, develop, produce, and deliver high-quality parts for the domestic and international market.

Reparts is a sister company of Rescope. For more than 15 years, Rescope has been a technologically advanced service provider, fully specialized in the repair and service of flexible and rigid endoscopes.

It is this experience that we use in re-engineering your endoscope repair parts to help you in improving your quality, your turn-around-time, and your efficiency.

MDR and ISO 13485

In respect to the Medical Devices Regulation EU MDR Reparts has developed a solid Quality Management System ISO 13485:2016. In October 2019 both Reparts and Rescope earned their certifications. All products meet the original manufacturers specifications and are, as obliged by the MDR and ISO13485, of the same quality or higher. To meet this high standard, Reparts has systems and procedures in place to support the complete team in performing this important task and to reach complete customer satisfaction and more importantly, patient safety.

We have developed a software-based system that manages:

  • Audits of internal processes
  • Training of our employees
  • Employee competence records
  • Customer complaints
  • Complete reengineering process of each part including risk-management analyses

All internal procedures are reviewed regularly and are available in this system on a daily basis to everyone employed by Reparts and Rescope.

Teamwork makes the dream work!


Of course, the reengineering process starts with the original part and scope. We have several set-ups to measure the original part. We take these first measurements to the drawing table. With a 3D program we then develop a complete drawing of the part. Within this process at Reparts it is unique that the technical drawer is in discussion with the fine mechanical engineer who has endoscope repair experience.

After the risk analyses have taken place to ensure the part we are producing is compatible with the OEM in measurement, functionality and material, we start the prototype phase. We have very experienced CNC operators who then transfer the file to the Okuma Multus B200, one of the best CNC machines on the market. The prototype is produced and sent to the designated endoscope repair technician for quality control.After complete approval of the file, the production phase starts. Once that is fully checked, passed QCI and is completed, we make sure all data are put into our database to enable future reproduction. Batch-numbers are created and the office team will book the parts into our stock. Then is it ready for the shop.


The Reparts Web shop has been designed to help you find your parts easily. All parts can be delivered from stock.

But Reparts' services do not stop here: If you are looking for a part that is not listed on our website, or if you have any other specific requests, please contact us. We are here to help you and would love to have the opportunity to discuss all options with you in person.

Expert Advice

Reparts is your technologically advanced partner. Our focus is on delivering affordable quality, reliability, quick turn-around-times, and expert advice!

We can assist you in how to use our tools, our parts and even in the repairs you want to make with our parts. And if it comes to the point you need direct assistance with your repair, we are here for you as well! So please contact us if needed.

Our Team

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Managing Director
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Webshop Administrator
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Technical Director
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Production Quality & Department
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Workshop supervisor CNC-Development
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Production Quality & Department
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Michel Hissink
Workshop Supervisor Production Quality & Department
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